Save on Steam Cleaning

Vortex Carpet Cleaning Systems in Phoenix

We use the Vortex System.  What is the Vortex System?  Vortex Is The World's Most Powerful Cleaning Machine!  The Vortex is an inventor's "dream come true" of a better cleaning machine. The Vortex is the only mass produced mobile cleaning machine in the world capable of safely capturing wasted energy from its own engine exhaust to heat water. Additionally, the machine's high-torque, high-efficiency power plant allows three operators to clean from one machine simultaneously, improving textile dry times by over 47%.

The interior of the truck showing the heating and pumping systems

Most cleaners use less powerful pumps.  We use very powerful pumps to
efficiently and thoroughly remove dirt and cleaners from your carpets.

Brute Power

All major textile manufacturers are in agreement, “hot water extraction with maximum moisture and residue removal” is the right way to take care of their goods.  This is where brute power comes into play.  More vacuum means a better clean, faster drying, faster cleaning, and much happier clients than your competition has.  More vacuum means you can use more hot water in the cleaning process and still beat the competition hands down on dry times. 

The Vortex machine uses the largest, most powerful blower of any mass produced cleaning machine in the world.  From left to right, the blower sizes are #3, #4, #5, and #6.  The industry standard is a #4 size blower.  The Vortex System uses a much larger, high performance #6 blower to create better vacuuming power to reduce drying time.